Conteúdo - Francis Bacon

This is a 15-volume collection of Francis Bacon's works published by Houghton Mifflin some time around 1900. Bacon's writings are presented in Latin and English. The editor's notes and contributions are in English.
The Internet Archive has all 15 volumes of this set. Below are links to all the volumes, along with a list of contents. (Some of the individual works have prefaces by the editors that are not listed below.)
  • Volume I: Life of Bacon; Preface to the Philosophical Works; Novum Organum
  • Volume II: Parasceve ad Historiam Naturalem et Experimentalem; De Augmentis Scientarum (start)
  • Volume III: De Augmentis Scientarum (concluded); Historia Ventorum; Historia Vitae et Mortis
  • Volume IV: Historia Densi et Rari; Inquisitio de Magnete; Topics Inquisitionis de Luce et Lumine; Sylva Sylvarum (start)
  • Volume V: Sylva Sylvarum (concluded); Cogitationes de Natura Rerum; De Fluxu et Refluxu Maris; De Principiis Atque Originibus Secundum Fabulas Cupidinis et Coele; New Atlantis; Magnalia Naturae; Cogitationes de Scientia Humana
  • Volume VI: Valerius Terminus; Advancement of Learning; Filum Labyrinthi; De Interpretatione Naturae Prooemium
  • Volume VII: Temporis Partus Masculus; Partis Instaurationis Secundae Delineatio et Argumentum; Redargutio Philosophiarum; Cogitata et Visa de Interpretatione Naturae; Inquisitio Legitima de Motu; Calor et Frigus; Historia Soni et Auditus; Phaenomena Universi; Descriptio Globi Intellectualis; Thema Coeli; De Interpretatione Naturae Sententiae CII; Aphorismi et Consilia; Physiological and Medical Remains
  • Volume VIII: Translations: The Great Instauration; The New Organon; Preparative Towards a Natural and Experimental History; Of the Dignity and Advancement of Learning, Books II and III
  • Volume IX: Translations: Of the Dignity and Advancement of Learning, Books IV-IX; Natural and Experimental History (start)
  • Volume X: Translations: Natural and Experimental History (continued); Thoughts on the Nature of Things; On the Ebb and Flow of the Sea; On Principles and Origins, According to the Fables of Cupid and Coelum; Description of the Intellectual Globe; Theory of the Heaven
  • Volume XI: History of the Reign of King Henry VII; The Beginning of the History of Reign of King Henry VIII; The Beginning of the History of Great Britain; In Felicem Memoriam Elizabethae, Angliae Reginae (and its translation)
  • Volume XII: In Henricum Principem Walliae Elogium (and its translation); Imago Civilis Julii Caesaris (and its translation); Imago Civilis Augusti Caesaris (and its translation); Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral; Appendix to the Essays; De Sapienta Veterum (start)
  • Volume XIII: De Sapienta Veterum (concluded); De Sapienta Veterum translated into English; Advertisement Touching a Holy War; Of the True Greatness of Britain; Colours of Good and Evil; Letter and Discourses to Sir Henry Savill, Touching Helps for the Intellectual Powers; Short Notes for Civil Conversation; Apophthegms
  • Volume XIV: Promus of Formularies and Elegancies; Religious Writings; Appendix to the Religious Writings; Preface to the Professional Works; Maxims of the Law; Reading of the Statute of Uses; Use of the Law
  • Volume XV: Discourse upon the Commission of Bridewell; Arguments of Law; Preparation for the Union of Laws; Answers to Questions Touching the Office of Constables; Ordinances in Chancery; Appendix; Index